The Rapid-Results-Getting “Blueprint” For Maximizing Physical Performance, Chiseling Your Body, While Shredding Fat In Places You Never Dreamed Was Even Possible...
The Best Part?
Everything is already taken care of FOR you. Just workout when we tell you to. Focus on the core training we give you. And stop the diets and exercises that simply will never work. 
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Are You Still Believing The Big Fat Lies The Health & Fitness Industry Is Feeding You?
Sorry to break it to you…

But you’ve been lied to by the fitness industry.

In fact, you’ve been lied to over and over.

You’ve been lied to by most ‘diet experts’ too. 

Even today’s mainstream athletic trainers are feeding you more and more cold hearted lies. (while stuffing their pockets with cash as they do it)
And they’ll continue to feed you lies around the clock,
even right now as you read through every single word of this page…
  • Because optimizing muscle growth and performance is NOT about millions of push ups, hours of stretching, and nonstop HIIT Cardio...
  • Improving athletic strength is NOT about pushing yourself day in and day out…
  • And chiseling your body is NOT about obsessing over your diet, and guilt-tripping yourself over what you eat…
  • It all has NOTHING to do with “mimicking” today’s so-called fitness professionals... to the point where you become overtrained, burnt out, and sore for weeks.
See, I can guarantee that nearly 99% of these fitness programs have failed you before. 

The same goes for DIY ‘athletic performance’ videos.

Of course, those scientific diet courses and fad recipes are just as terrible...

Chances are, most personal trainers and coaches are overcomplicating things for you too.

For example... 
  • You should NOT need to obsess over the details of fitness science.
  • ​You don’t even need to train your body so hard. 
  • ​You should avoid excess HIIT. 
  • ​And counting every calorie and macronutrient is actually counterproductive. (Plus, that can make you feel miserable too) 
And we’re just getting started here.

(read on to see what this is all about

What’s even worse is that most of today’s so-called ‘experts’ are completely missing the ONE single most important aspect when it comes to developing explosive athletic performance… 

When it comes to learning the ONE single most important aspect for building functional strength, lean muscle, and boosting every aspect of your health -- and your quality of life too. 

See, today’s advice around health and fitness is completely twisted when it comes to rapidly strengthening your body, while developing a chiseled appearance almost-effortlessly… 

In fact, modern “experts” nowadays FAIL to tell you how easy it can really be to get all the results you want…  

The results you can seriously notice when it comes to your appearance, your energy levels, while building explosive strength and performance in the process.
Anthony has taken a complex subject, broken it down, and made it very easy to understand; this is the mark of not only a good writer, but of a person who knows the subject matter very well.
Highly Recommended for aspiring athletes, athletes, coaches, mentors and for anyone interested in sports.

Suzanne D.
The concise guide to elevating your performance

 Chris L.
Let me ask you something:

What do most of today’s “athletic training” schemes have in common?
  • They force you to do insanely high-rep exercises.
  • They “prescribe” back-breaking workouts that end up HURTING your performance.
  • They convince you to suffer through endless hours of boring, mind-numbing cardio while jumping up and down at home, or in the gym, and everywhere else. 
  • They ask you to train useless muscle groups.
  • They convince you that you need to OVERTRAIN… and hurt your body while you count every single macro nutrient and calorie you eat.
  • They overcomplicate the sound fundamentals of meal prepping, supplements, and ‘diet science’... and instead, they put you through torture of those bland near-starvation diets that leave you feeling deprived and upset. 
Look, Getting Your Body To Where You Really Want it To Be Gets Confusing and Frustrating…. I Should Know.
I’m Anthony Lynch.

Back in my younger years, I was a scrawny guy. 

I never showed much athletic potential earlier in life either. 

In fact, I used to be very scared to compete… I worried that I was going to get hurt, so I avoided sports and competition as much as I could. 

I knew it came down to participating in better training, but I had no clue how to get better. I didn’t know what steps to take to improve. 
And I didn’t possess any athletic gifts. In fact, I’ve suffered through more failures and defeats than the average competitor… 

So none of this comes easy to me.  

Just like you… I tried different workouts I found online, and spent a fortune on supplements and “training regimens” I knew nothing about. 

What I did have going for me was my innate burning desire to learn and improve… with the ambition and the work ethic to match.

It took years of study and trial and error to finally crack the code on what actually works…

And to distill it down into the most simplistic and results-driven program around today.

See, when I finally mastered everything I’ve slaved over through many years, I soon figured out exactly what fitness and training plans were the exact fit for me…

Obviously, I started seeing drastic changes in my performance that I never dreamed was possible.

After some time, I saw a completely new version of myself in the mirror. A version of me that I never thought I could become.
And now, I run a thriving consultancy where I work with world class performers in all disciplines…
I’ve also travelled through the globe, and I’m a best selling author and certified athletic trainer (NESTA & IYCA) who is recognized as a specialist in peak athletic performance.

And I’m just getting started...
The Athletic Advantage
See, I’ve broken down everything I’ve learned from decades of high-level experience, and distilled it into an art and science.

And what I’ve created was made as simple to follow as possible…

So simple that you literally just need to narrow your routine down into a few core exercises, and cut back on everything else that doesn’t work.


I will also give you an easy to understand ‘debrief’ on exactly what muscle groups you’re going to be training, and why, and how you will maximize your results from day one.

And everything here is designed to get you results as fast as possible…

So to do that, I’ll give you the foundational structures that also allow you to eat with more flexibility, more flavor, and choice while you achieve the transformation of a lifetime.
Highly recommended book! A wealth of information! Worth every penny I spent!

John S.
Well-written, well-researched and filled with practical advice, this is a the perfect book for anyone who want to develop their athletic talents.

Evan R.
  • Discover the ONE elusively obvious workout for unleashing the full potential of your athletic ability - just by training two key aspects in your body… this is what most athletic trainers won’t tell you, because they don’t even understand it for themselves yet! Inside, we’ll get you ahead of the competition from day 1 by short cutting you straight to the secret exercises only top professional athletes know about.
  • See how to tap into subconscious ‘performance hacks’ from inside your body… where you can develop explosive athletic movement that can help you excel in ANY sport… and you can develop muscle-memory towards improving performance almost-automatically, while strengthening your muscles at the same... this is something your body will pick up naturally as you go through the training program. 
  • Exploit the secret performance hacks that help you boost the strength and explosive power of the Gluteus Medius and the Gluteus Minimus… this will take you light years beyond any “mainstream” training programs that might focus on the wrong muscles, only to produce results at a snail’s pace. (or worse… they won’t produce results for you at all) 
  • Go ahead and enjoy those carbs, and treat yourself to tasty food too! Get to know about all the ‘secret’ diet regimens that bolster muscle growth… while you cut body fat almost-automatically… while enjoying the food you eat as you transform into the ultimate and highest-performing version of you.
  • Avoid injury, overtraining, and risks from day one… while laser-focusing in on getting to the highest levels of athletic growth and performance for virtually ANY sport you choose.
  • Add explosiveness to high-impact sports, while dramatically increasing your physical strength and speed so you are prepared for any competition, any day of the week. 
  • How is it possible that you can increase long-term performance for your chosen sports and athletic activities… while optimizing every tiny muscle in your body to maximize explosiveness at the same time? Inside, we’ll dive deep into the secret industry insights that you’re never told about… and we’ll destroy every fitness myth you’ve been fed... so you can start sitting at the big boy's table and become a super-high performer. 
  • Reduce your risk of injury, muscle strain, and your risks of overtraining with clear cut guidelines and super-simple reminders… so you can let go of complicated routines, maximize your training, and level up your body to automatically develop strength in your key muscle groups. 
  • Cut out the counterproductive meals, starvation diets, and obsessive carb avoidance forever… plus, you’ll gain added benefits from applying certain “core meal principles” that also help you fight diseases that come with aging. 
  • Reverse your risk of injury for good, and leverage the know-how needed to unlock your true athletic potential with a low maintenance routine. 
  • Awaken the untapped motor control skills that you never even knew you had... and awaken every untapped and neglected muscle of your body to achieve peak performance in everything you do. 
  • Leverage secrets to increase both core and lower-body strength… so you can run, throw, move, and spring to action with explosiveness. 
  • Inside, you’ll boost your mental and physical prowess with carefully-designed ‘performance training’ that optimizes muscle performance, starting in your very first week.  
  • Maximize your entire’s body efficiency… so you can optimize every tiny muscle you have, while you torch fat and gain “functional muscle mass” in a matter of days. 
  • And much, much more. 
As you know, the difference between “winning and losing” can sometimes be a tiny, almost unnoticeable difference when it comes to winning in any competitive sport.

That’s why I leave zero room for error.

We will shed all the BS theory and over complicated “expert” advice you’ve heard over and over.


Whether you're playing for a championship…

Or if you’re looking to surprise yourself, and push your limits yet again…

Or even you’re just trying to “make the team...”

Then Athletic Advantage is going to take you straight down the shortest path to unlocking your sharpest athletic potential. 
It’ll give you the personal performance training and athletic hacks that give you the competitive edge you'll need to unlock your dormant physical potential... and perform your best in virtually anything you do.
Mr. Lynch's book is cleverly written, informative and is a must read!

Anthony P. 
A comprehensive book - yet easy to read. I recommend this!

Here’s Why Most of Today’s “Health & Fitness Programs” Are Purposefully Designed To Have You Fail
The sad reality of the health & fitness world these days is people aren’t in it for the passion anymore.

They stopped caring about getting clients results.

And they make over the top claims that are clouded with piles of theory… and nothing else.

Long story short…
They Just Want To Make a Quick Buck!
You know what I mean…

There are way too many “Fitness Trainers” out there who woke up one day… and decided to slap together inferior programs that are not based on cold hard science or any kind of repeatable results.

Another cookie cutter program that copies everyone else… and that disappoints like everyone else.

Then they promise people the world, and don’t get you real results.

What’s worse…

You don’t even get a 100% money back guarantee, and you’re left feeling even more “limp” or intimidated than you were before you even found them.
So Let’s Cut Through The Noise…
If you have ever struggled with follow-through, or ever quit on your training because you were frustrated with your lack of results…

Or if you haven’t experienced a real boost in athletic performance, despite what you’ve been told…

If you find that other “programs out there” become boring, repetitive, or simply take up too much time...

Or if you ended up feeling overworked, discouraged, or deprived by insanely strict “diet” regimens…

Then Athletic Advantage is what exactly you’ve been looking for.

We have mapped out everything for you. You just have to follow the astonightly powerful, yet simple program... and lift what we say to lift… stop when you’re told to stop... and eat what we tell you to eat.

If you follow that advice, then it’ll be nearly impossible to fail.

In fact, I GUARANTEE it.

And I’m willing to back it up with my…
Get the Athletic Advantage program at zero risk today. Zero worries.

Give the Athletic Advantage a try for two full months.

As you do… I’m going to really step up to the pledge and promise you this right now:

If you’re not completely thrilled with the transformational results you’ll see, then I insist you contact me for a full no questions asked refund. 
Look, I’m not going to blow smoke at you.

This astonighly powerful training program is NOT for everyone.

And this obviously isn’t about “making a quick buck” either. That’s why I’ll be upfront right now and tell you that Athletic Advantage is only for people who are dedicated to achieving rapid, explosive, and noticeable results.


I eat, sleep, and breathe everything I teach.

I LOVE helping people. Because I excel at it.

And any of my clients to date will agree with that wholeheartedly…

And I just know you’ll feel the same way too.

But you’ll never know for yourself unless you dive in right now and give yourself this gift today…

So stop debating.

And just do it because it’s obvious that you are serious about improving your athletic performance, and getting into the best shape of your life while you’re at it.

(Why else would you still be reading this page?)

Your decision to invest right now will reveal just how committed you really are to
Here’s to Gaining The Unstoppable Advantage Over Your Competition,
Anthony Lynch 2020 | All Rights Reserved
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